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CLICK HERE TO INSTALL IT (1,723,393 bytes) - Or Right-Click and do "Save Target As..." then run the install program yourself.

Once its installed, do START->Programs->RIP-Factor->Arrange->Arrange

WINZIP Version - Zipped up version (1,606,954 bytes) if you know what you are doing and don't want to run an install program. Requires WINZIP.

ANAGRAMORAMA - definitely one of my Favorite Games.

So, I made my own perversion of it.
The first prompt asks you if you want to use the basic (original dictionary from ANAGRAMORAMA)
Or the Extended dictionary - one that I found online.

If you have any problems - CONTACT ME. But keep in mind, I am busy, so I might not get back to you (ever). Make sure the SUBJECT is ARRANGE

DO YOU WANT THE SOURCE CODE? (Probably not eh?). You can always CONTACT ME. Make sure the SUBJECT is ARRANGE