Jokes & Stories

WARNING: Some Jokes contain Profane Language and Suggestive Dialog. Parents are cautioned.

Who Wants to go to Heaven?
...And Then The Fight Started
Some Random Thoughts
Drunk Guy Needs Help
Cows & Polotics Explained
Guy gets Pulled over By A PoLiCe OfFiCeR
Confucious Say
The Brown Pants
5 Minute Management Course
WAL-MART Application
Dumb Probation Statements
Bad Product Warning Labels
Sillyness at the DMV
25 Ways to Confuse Your Professor
Bad Job Interviews
Very Dumb Welfare Claims
Bad Slogan Translations
100 Zany Ways to Order a Pizza
Dumb Things said in a CourtRoom
50 Fun Things to do on an Elevator
50 Fun Things to do During a Final Exam
Dumb Insurance Claims
Silly Signs (Due to Silly People)
Silly Signs (Due to Bad Translations)
How to Write Good
Things You Should Never Say to a Cop
Hollywood Squares - Excellent Quotes
Actual Subtitles from KUNG-FU Movies
Mister T. - An Amazing Man
Horror Movie Survival Guide
Letter of UN-Rejection
Yo Momma So Ugly...
Yo Momma So Stupid...
Yo Momma So Fat...
Tomatoes May Be An Option
Why my Girlfriend Broke up with Me
Things that make you go Hmmmm...
Bewary of Old People
Man Laws
Irish Math Joke
Irish Man in a Pub
Two Guys Crash at Home Depot
Thoughts for Twisted Minds
Brain Farts from Famous People
Blonde Horseback Rider
Things Hallmark Cards Won't Say...
South Central L.A. High School Math Exam
Out Legal System Out of Control!
The Man and his MotorCycle
Don't Take No Sh*t From Chee-Car-Go Folks!
The Husband Store and the Wife Store
Man Finaly has a Son
Looking for the Right Paper
Memory Test
First Date
Office Terms for 2005
CNN News Flash!
The Hillbilly Vasectomy
Man With Wooden Eye
Costume Suggestion
Young Man In confessional
200 Hens, No Rooster
Dear Mr. President
67 Year Old Couple gets Sex Therapy
Letter from Grandma
When is it Appropriate to use the "F" Word
Beer Advice
Top Headlines of All Time
Can't Please Women
Man Takes Wife to Stock Show
Application to Date my Daughter
40 Things you will Never Hear a Southerner Say
Barely Alive Skunk Found by Couple
HallMark Cards We Will Never See
Warning Labels on Products
New JOB Policies
Misc. Lawyer Jokes
Way to Relieve Stress
How to get out of a Speeding Ticket
Use Fascinate in a Sentance
Genie and Wishes Again
Man in a Balloon
College Student Works At K-Mart
Drunk Gets Pulled Over
Drunk Calls 911
Car Accident
Back Seat Driver
Police Officer Gets Home Late
The Farmer's Pig
Fowl Mouthed Parrot
Farmer and Animals
The Duck wants Corn
The Burglar (Jesus is Watching You)
Brown Cow, White Cow (Kid Watches Bull)
The Better Bull
Telling Time
Statues Granted Life by a Genie
Woman has Foul-Mouthed Parrot
Sniffing Duck Butts
48 Things You Wish You Could Say
Dilbert's Rules of Disorder
Deep Thoughts...
Who is the Real Prisoner?
How to Give a Cat a Pill
Trick Or Treator
Man Finds a Bottle on the Beach
Stevie Wonder Meets Tiger Woods
Old Man's New Hearing Aid
Guy gets pulled over by cop
Man walks into a bar...
Man walks into a bar...
General's Interview
63 Things You Might Not Have Known
What Gender is a Computer?
Advice From a Lonesome Cowboy
Life's Instructions
Potential VS. Reality
Sexual Harassment
Smart Blonde
Blonde Buys Dogs
Couple at the Wishing Well...
Pygmy Kills Rhino...
Monks Get to say Two Words...
Hitch-Hiker on a Dark Night...
Woman Tries to buy Arsenic...
Dean Explains Rules...
Hiker Starving in Woods...
The Gay Flight Attendant...
A Blonde Decides to Take Helicopter Lessons...
A Crusty Old Man Walks into a Bank...