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Blonde Takes Helicopter Lessons

A Blonde Decides to Take Helicopter Lessons.

Her instructor is weary at first, but she seems to learn quickly.

When he gives her the full-test this is what happens:

She is in the helicopter by herself, and the instructor talks to her via radio.

He says, "Take the helicopter up to 500 feet".

She Moves the controls, and helicopter goes up to 500 feet.

He says, "Good! Now take it up to 1000 feet"

She Moves the controls, and the helicopter rises to 1000 feet.

The instructor is surprised and delighted, he says, "Now 1500 feet".

The helicopter starts to rise then the engine cuts dead and the helicopter crashes to the ground.

The instructor rushes to the crash and realizes the blonde is OK.

He is confused, he says, "What Happened? You were doing so well..."

The Blonde Replies, "Well, Once I got up past 1000 feet, I got cold, so I turned that big fan off"