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Drunk Hitch-Hiker

A man was hitch-hiking on a dark night.

He sees a car slowly coming his way, when it gets to him, he jumps in.

He is shocked to see that nobody is behind the wheel, yet the car starts moving.

He notices that the car is heading for a curve and gets a little nervous.

Out of nowhere, a hand comes in through the window and turns the car around the curve.

The Hitch-Hiker is now terrified as he sees the mysterious hand pop in through the window and navigate the car for every curve in the road.

The car finally comes to a stop, the Hitch-Hiker gets out and runs into a nearby bar.

He tells the bar-crowd all about the mysterious driving hand and his amazing experience.

Soon afterwards, two guys walk into the bar, "Hey Look - it's that Drunk Hitch-Hiker who got into the car we were pushing"