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Man Walks Into A Bar...

A Man walks into a bar. He seems a little drunk.

He walks up to the Bartender and orders a shot of whiskey.

The bartender gives the man his drink - the man gulps it down.

He then places the empty shotglass at one side of the bar counter - then walks to the far side of the bar counter.

He says, "Hey Bartender - I bet you $20 I can piss and make everydrop go right into that shot-glass"

The Bartender replies, "Your crazy - that's impossible."

The man replies, "Ok, I understand - you don't want to lose $20 - I don't think your a whimp".

The bartender gets mad and says, "OK, the bets on!"

The man pulls down his pants and starts urinating all over everything in the bar - including the bartender.

The man sighs and says, "OK, your right - here's your $20"

The bartender says, "What possessed you to take such a stupid bet?"

The man replies, "You see that guy outside - I just bet him $200 that I would come in here and piss all over everything"