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Sniffing Duck Butts

There was a duck hunter slashing through the marshes bagging duck after duck.

A game warden who had been watching for a while decided to check out his license.

He walks up to the man, takes his bag of ducks and removes one.

He sticks his finger up the ducks butt sniffs it and says, "This here is an Oregon duck. Do you have Oregon hunting license?"

The hunter produces the license.

He removes another duck sticks his finger in it's butt and sniffs it. "This here is a Minnesota duck do you have Minnesota license?"

The man produces the license.

This goes on about two times more. Each time the man produces the correct license.

A little out done the game warden looks at the hunter and says, "Where you from boy?"

The duck hunter relies, "You the smart one, you tell me", and drops his pants.