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College Student Works at K-Mart

A college student is home for the summer from college, and is looking for a job.

He goes to K-Mart, and fills out an application.

A few days later, the manager calls him and asks him to come in for an interview, which the student does.

When the student arrives, the manager sits him down and says, "Well son, do you think you have what it takes to work at 'The Big K'?"

The student thinks to himself, "is this guy fucking nuts?", but nods his head and says, "yes".

The manager says, "ok", and tells the student he must get a lesson first on how to deal with customers.

They go to a cash register, and the manager tells the student to watch him and learn what to do.

The student agrees and after a few minutes a customer comes to the counter, and throws down a bag of Grass Seeds.

The manager looks at the bag, and says " Say, would you like a lawnmower to cut that grass when it grows?"

The customer thinks for a second and says "yeah, why the hell not."

The manager looks at the student and say "Son, do you think you can do that?"

The student again thinks to himself "Is this guy fucking nuts?", but nods says and says, "Yup".

A few minutes later, another customer comes to the register to get checked out, and the manager tells the student to try it.

The student agrees, while the customer throws a pack of tampons up on the counter.

The student looks that the tampons and says "Sir, would u happen to be interested in buying one of our grass cutters, they are on sale in aisle 8?"

The customer looks at the student and says "Why the hell would I want to buy a grass cutter?"

The student looks at him and says, "Well, I just figured since you wouldn't be getting any pussy this weekend, that you might wanna cut your grass instead!"