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Man With Wooden Eye!

This guy is missing an eye - he goes to a doctor, but cannot afford a GLASS EYE, so the doctor talks him into buying a wooden one.

He gets the WOOD EYE, and believes that it won't fool anybody.

The doctor re-assures him, "Look, there is a party tonight, why don't you come, I promise that nobody will notice your WOOD EYE".

He goes to the party and is too bashful to talk to anybody.

The Doctor walks over to him and says, "How come you're sitting in the corner not talking to anybody?"

He replies, "I'm afraid that people will make fun of my WOOD EYE".

The doctor points out a lady across the room - she has a hunched back - really bad.

The doctor say, "Look, why don't you go ask the hunched-back lady to dance - she looks lonely".

The man agrees, he slowly walks up to the woman and says, "Excuse me Ma'am, would you like to dance?"

The lady is excited since nobody has spoken to her all evening.

She Replies with JOY, "WOULD I!! WOULD I!!!"

The man gets angry and yells back, "HUNCH BACK!!! HUNCH BACK!!!"