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Man Finally has a Son

Finally after six girls, Luke's wife had a boy. But he had only a head, nothing else. Luke did not care, he was just happy to finally have a son.

On his son's 21st birthday, Luke took him to a bar - to have alcohol for the first time.

"A shot of whisky barkeep", the boy said.

The bartender got him the drink, and he drank it down.

POOF! He grew a neck!. Amazed, Luke then ordered another and another for his son.

POOF! He grew a body, POOF he grew arms... Until he had a complete body.

Tipsy, the boy staggered around on his new legs, he walked out of a bar and into the street.

BAM! He was hit by a truck.

"You know", the bartender said, "He should have quit while he was a head."