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May 04, 2010

President Obama Hit on Head!
He now Thinks he is a Doctor, and not the President!

A ceramic head of a former president accidentally fell off of a ledge in the White House, and landed on President Obama's head. It is unclear to authorities if the ceramic head was that of George Washington or Richard Nixon. Some eye-witnesses claim that it was not a ceramic head at all, but a statue of a gargoyle or perhaps a miniature statue of Hillary Clinton.

After being unconscious for nearly two hours, Barack Obama recovered but is now suffering from severe amnesia. When he awoke, he claimed to be a doctor and believed that the White House was actually the mental hospital that he worked in.

In a tragic twist of events, the secret service agents, sworn to obey any direct order the President gives, quickly placed all the White House staff, "back into their straight-jackets and locked up into rubber rooms", just as the President ordered.

Joe Biden tried to convince secret service agents that the President was clearly suffering from amnesia. The President laughed lightly and said, "Now now Joey, let's not start that again, it's time for you to go back to the rubber room so you can get better". He then had vice-president Joseph Biden heavily sedated with valium, placed into a straight-jacket, and locked into a White House closet.

Strangley, and not terribly surprising, the United States government has now become very effective and efficient now that, as Doctor Obama puts it, "all those crazies are back where they belong".

Obama has also announced a complete raid on Congress and the House of Representatives, or as he likes to call it, the House of Nutburgers.

Doctor Obama is also planning to announce a new bill that would stabilize the economy, create new jobs, improve the health of all Americans, end hunger in this country, and "put those bitches back in their place".

He plans to enact the bill into law sometime in June which he has called, "The Bro's Before Ho's Act" or B.B.H.A.