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February 04, 2007

Planet of the Apes (The Good One)

This was one of the best movies EVER! Those Three Astornauts that land on that weird planet where the politicians had finally taken over. What were those astronauts names?
Duck Dash and Dodge. Yeah, that's it.

The profound implications of how they killed the black guy first - RACISMY!
And how they lobotomized the Idiot guy first - BOULDERDASH! - Did you ever play that game - that was a totally cool video game!

And How Heston was led around on a leash with that mask with the red ball - by that lady monkey.
How the hell did the monkeys even make those plastic red balls?
The best scene in the movie was where heston says, "Get your damned hands off me you damned dirty apes all to hell".
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" - then throws his whiskey at the door, then Mama Z. puts the red ball back into his mouth.

The sex-scenes were fantastic! Especially all those red-balls in everybodys mouth.