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X-Men II

Defintely one of the Coolest Movies Ever! I kept trying to figure out what genre or gender or whatever it was. What's that chick that can change images - that blue chick - I sure would like to get into her pants or skin or whatever it is. But that other chick with the red hair - uugh - whats that chick with the white hair - spoon - she was pretty hot though! Hey remember that one movie with that green-chick - I sure would like to see spoon getting forked.

Oh yeah, there's that other chick with that gray hair - adds a nice touch, but I don't think I would touch her. What's her name - poison or something

I think that they should have gotten Jack Palance - who could have made a better Professor Devious.

OOOH - how about Christopher Walken Playing Magneto - man that would have been Cool!

What's that Hairy guys name? Was it Bovine? No - I think it was Chip-Munk? Big Hairy Rat? - no, Chip-Munk! And I think that guy with the visor - Geordi??? If I was Chip-Munk - I would have clubbed Geordi's sorry butt by now - you can't kill me! Whatcha gonna do - Shoot that pretty red beam at me Geordi? And Pyro - I thought his name was inferno - whatever. And where's the thing - and that stretch guy - what happened to him? And Where's silver surfer? And What about Sea-Man and Jelly-Fish. I guess they will make more movies - hopefully we'll see them guys in the next one.

OH YEAH - and that DARK-BLUE DUDE!!! With the horns and the pitch-fork - AWSOME!!! What's his name - Nightmare? Hergen? Yohann? I think it was Vodka???

Here are some Pictures from the movie:

Chip-Munk and Pals practice thier flying abilities.

Spoon and Chip-Munk Getting Ready for a Night on the Town.

The Whole Crew: Spoon, Red, Jack Palance, Chip-Munk and Pals.

Overall, this movie was ubiquitously convoluted.

ubiquitous: ADJECTIVE: Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent: plodded through the shadows fruitlessly like an ubiquitous spook.
OTHER FORMS: ubiquitously, ubiquitousness