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AMIGA STARDUST - ???. One Very Cool Amiga Game!

Get all(??) the MODS HERE in PROTRACKER FORMAT, all ZIPPED up!

Get the sounds HERE (89k) in WINZIP format

Get all the GIFs HERE (480k) in one big WINZIP file!

Listen to these MP3's by clicking on them (you must have a media player associated with MP3's), Or Right-Click on them and do "Save Target As..." 1.00MB Tunnel 1 - Main
0.67MB Tunnel 1 - End

Ok, So How Did I do This???

Bunch of CrM! crap on the disks. Unpacked it with a universal decruncher. Then the files had basically raw data in them - with some brief header info (width, height). The MODS were in P40A format. How lame is that??!! For More info, CONTACT ME with the subject AMIGASD