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Super StarDust '96 - 1996. The AMIGA Version was WAY WAY Better!

I'll have the songs maybe in the future. In the meantime, Look at the pretty pictures below, click the Links Below to save the WINZIP files

774K GIF's from BOB Files
1025k GIF's from DAT Files
270k WAV's from SFX Files
163k WAV's from MUSIC Instruments

Ok, So How Did I do This???

Kind of tricky actually - two file types DAT and BOB. BOB was an amiga file type 'BLITTER OBJECT'. Anyhoo, the DAT files were like this: WORD offset WORD offset - this was repeated for the number of frames in the animation. After that followed the data for the image - slightly compressed - skip bytes, then draw bytes - pseudo RLE.

BOB's were different - offset numbers into the file followed by some info I could not figure out - then that offset pointed to an array of offsets from that point, again, each byte was a SKIP, DRAW combo, 4-byte aligned for speed probably. It is really hard to explain here everything... SO For More info, CONTACT ME with the subject