Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
Journey to Babel
"Damn it, Jim. Why do I feel like I should be wearing a sidearm?" "Guess what. I've got a date with Yeoman Rand."
"Kewl! Me, too."
"Count me in."
"All I'm saying is that it couldn't be a good omen for a line of redshirts to stand with their arms folded over their chests."
"High five, doctor." "Welcome to the patio, daddio." "I see he hasn't changed."
"What's that enchanting fragrance you're wearing?"
"I'm not. Vulcans don't believe in it. Douche, either."
"Oh, ,uh, well, you have a very pleasing natural aroma." "Captain, are you alright? Sensors say you just stuck your foot in your mouth."
"No, man. This mama was fine!" "The Wizard had better eats." "I've always wondered how your people evolved."
"Did y'all ever see Deliver'nce?" "There is NOTHING happening on the BB. Where is everybody?" "I didn't always want to be an ambassador. When I was a kid I wanted to become a policeman but they didn't like my nose ring."
"Spock, Where are you? I'm in my quarters without my shirt on. Come see." "Well, Bones?
"You actually need me to say it?"
"Too bad he isn't kosher."
"Can Spock go with us to the movies?" "If you promise to have him home before suppertime." "Captain, whatever you do, don't eat the salmon."
"Bridge to maintenance. Tyrone, get up here, we need you." "Strange creature this salmon. It's
still trying to swim upstream."
"Mr. Spock, I just had a fight with an Andorian and I think I wet myself."
"He looks so natural, doctor."
"He's not dead, Spock, he's just asleep."
"Why can't you humans accept it when someone dies?"
"You know, you look damn purdy in that halter. Want me to get a pair of cutoff shorts to go with it?" ::frrrrrrt::
"That ship blowing up looked just like Nomad blowing up." "Wanna see me wiggle my ears?" "Kewl!"