Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
Spock's Brain
"I could be mistaken but that looks like a ship." "It's a beautiful woman. DAMN! I knew I should have picked up some condoms at the last star base."
"Hmm, odd he should faint in THAT position." "Yes, I bet you'll give good brain." "Bones, he looks like he's ready to go to Moscow."
"Somebody stole his brain."
"What are brains going for on the black market these days?"
"Down in front!" "Looks cold down there. Requisition the landing party long johns. Make mine silk."
"Beware a one-legged sailor named Silver." "Could be a trap, sir." "We'll send Spock first."
"Uh, we're not going to have to eat that are we?" "It's a woman! Shoot it!" "Give us back Spock's brain."
"Tell us what you know."
"I know nothing."
"I'm just a sweet, innocent girl." "HA! Fooled you!"
"I know they look cute when they're asleep but they're men. They're evil incarnate." "When I saw that first one, I was like, ah!"
"Give us back Spock's brain." "Brain and brain! What is brain? We are women. We know nothing of brains." "Alright, don't get overly emotional."
"I'll show you overly emotional." "Cap'n, you can take what's behind this door or try for what's behind door #2." "You're just like all men. Cold and unfeeling with that vacant look in your eyes."
"First thing we're going to do is give you a new hairstyle." "She's got a phaser, captain. I
wouldna trust her."
"This machine gives the best brain I've ever had."
"Bones, are you alright?"
"Is that you, Aunt May?"
"Let's see. The right lobe is connected to the left lobe." "You must stop him. He's a man. He's too stupid to do brain surgery."
"Right back at you, sister." .ecneirepxe gnitseretni yrev a saw tahT "Bones, I think you put his brain in backwards."
?won emoh ew naC