Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
The Cloud Minders
"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." "Captain, the kitty will be here when you get back." "Looks like Scotty missed the mark."
"Mr. Spock, do you still have that bag of magic beans that old man gave us?"
"Of course."
"You sidewinders just stay where you are." "What do you want?"
"We're the Hole In The Mountain Gang." "Stop!" "Thanks, we appreciate it. We hate that you had to get your guys out of the shower to help us."
"Who was that masked man?"
"Just a local hoodlum."
"That's a long way down." "Dare you to spit, captain."
"How is it that you people have enough air to breathe way up here?" "I'll answer that in a moment. First, let me introduce you to my young, single, beautiful and constantly horny daughter." "Mmm, daughter, you're developing nicely. Meet me later and we'll play Doctor."
"But, I don't want to deliver pizzas." "Yum, a man." "Watch this. I can fly."
"Father, why do men lie so much when a beautiful woman is around?"
"It's in their jeans."
"See what you get when you act like a civilized woman?" "Those look heavy. Let me hold them for you."
"I was wondering if we could see some hot girl on girl action." ::snore:: "Poor Yorick. I knew him well."
"Okay, DeForrest, the line is Jim!. Places. Let's take it from the top." "I help you escape and this is how you repay me?"
"Yeah, I'm a bitch. So, sue me."
"They call me Geronimo."
"I would have thought it was the other guy."
"Mr. Spock, beam down what's-his-name." "I'm on it." "Dig, you dig?"
"You're pretty strong for an old man."
"Yeah, okay."
"Beam us up, Scotty." "Jim, I think you'd better spend more time in the gym."
"I could say something similar for you, Mr. Spock."
"Even though I'm an emotionally distant male and you're a dumb blonde, I don't think it would work out between us."
"Maybe the next time you visit."
"Isn't love great?"