Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
Friday's Child
"Dr. McCoy, would you turn on the view screen, please?" "Shoot! I've seen this episode. It's not very good."
"Try and stay awake, Mr. Spock.
This is important."
"Welcome." "A Klingon! I think."
"I bring you this lightweight, invisible phaser rifle. Power pack not included." "Human speak with forked tongue." "And there was this beautiful green chick with the four biggest breasts you've ever seen and I just wanted to. . . ."
"Nice story, Jim. I liked the part
about the green chick."
"Eat this. It will make you strong and beautiful."
"No more for me. Thanks."
"Peace out, dudes."
"This is my old lady Moonglow." "I don't care if she is pregnant, I'd
like to nail her."
"I don't care if she is pregnant, I'd
like to nail her."
"We come in peace."
"Don't forget the 'shoot to kill' part."
"Wo! Heavy!" "Question is, 'do YOU come in peace'?" "My spidey senses are tingling. The captain's in trouble."
"I'll fix you!"
"Hey, look at what I found."
"Okay, Klingon. Like it or not, I'm shaving off that hokey beard. You're not in high school anymore." "Mr. Scott! This just in. Amalgamated Co-op up 11 points."
"I always dreamed of becoming a ballerina." "This is my lizard impersonation." "Mr. Scott, I believe what you're doing is sexual harassment."
"Does it get any worse than being
held captive with a beautiful woman?"
"Go get my rubber ducky so my sub can shoot it with a torpedo." "If anyone sees a restroom around here anywhere let me know."
"My honest professional opinion is you're pregnant." "Oh, sh. . . !"
"Stop grabbing my butt." "Can we save them now, Mr. Scott?"
"No, laddie. We have to wait until the last moment."
"Oh, no you don't. Just keep reading."
"Wo!" "Isn't it cute, Mr. Scott?"
"Aye, laddie."
"Say, isn't that Harry Mudd's ship? I thought we left him in prison."
"This is the longest game of Follow
the Leader ever."
"I just had a baby and I had to walk back here. Don't test me, Klingon." "I have to kill somebody."
"Must be tough being a short Klingon." "Alright, hombres. Freeze. We've got you surrounded." "I can't tell you what it felt like when I looked down at that baby and saw that little. . . ."
"Doctor! If you don't mind."