Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
The Paradise Syndrome
::Click:: ::Click:: "Must have been nice to live here away from communist nuclear threats, Nazis, the Eugenics Wars. . . ."
::Click:: ::Click:: ::Click:
"Now, let's get one of all three of us."
"Say, 'cheese', gentlemen."
"Surely, this park has a restroom somewhere." "Alalalalalalalalala!"
"Great! Now my forehead's magnetic." "I think something has happened to the captain."
"How do you know?"
"This is how. It's a rock. To explain further would cause your brain to explode."
"Oh, Great Spirit, Miramanee needs a man." "Kewl!" "We could try that, Mr. Spock, but we'd just be, well, let's say we'd be wasting out time."
"Understood." "You must be cold. You pale as sheet."
"He fell into the river." "He's trying to eat that boy." "Now, you medicine man. I'll be around later for gyno exam."
"Many moons ago, the Great White Father took us from our ancestral homeland and brought us here." "My name is Miramanee. It means, "Little Star'." "I pray for you and you come."
"It's going to take a little more than prayer."
"O-o-o-oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping 'cross the plain." "Oh, Little Star! I want you again and again and again."
"And I want you to take me again and again and again." "Hope we're not intruding. We
brought some macaroni salad for the new couple."
"All I said was that I don't like macaroni salad."
"He's been stoned."
"Figures he couldn't stay away from the peyote."
"Star Trekkin' across the universe."
"I really shouldn't mind meld with a song stuck in my head."
"I have to go now, Little Star."
"Thank you. Come again."