Mike Golden Spoofs
WRITTEN BY: Mike Golden
INTRO BY: joesmaname
Return to Tomorrow
"There may be hostile aliens down there. Everybody look nonchalant." "Remember me? Here I'll give you a hint." "It's the spirit of McCauley Culkin. Shoot it, doctor."
"We were preserved here by the studio. Now, only Drew Barrymore, Dana Carvey and myself remain." "We want to act again." "You've got to be joking."
"My God!"
"What is it, doctor?"
"My beeper. Chekov wants to play chess."
"I find this to be a most interesting opportunity." "We canna turn that evil loose on the universe."
"Quite the contrary, Mr. Scott. I've been thinking and I believe we have alot to learn from these people." "If you don't let us act, I'm going to my trailor and have a fit." "I sincerely believe you would."
"Each of your balls are next to you. When the transfer begins, your balls will glow with a white light and you will leave your balls and enter your host bodies leaving your balls behind."
"Then you won't have any balls."
****Helluva nightlight.
"You're not Drew."
"It's me. Dana."
"Oh God! I kissed a man! I kissed a man! I kissed a man!"
"It's alright."
"For the next step in theis process I'll need you to slip out of your clothes."
"Are you sure?" "You can trust me. I'm an actor." "Sometimes I wonder why I never won an Oscar."
"McCauley, I've loved you ever since I saw you in Home Alone."
"Dana, I never knew."
"SWEET!" "Then I spat on him and kicked him in the groin."
"HA!" "How ironic. This is just like the last time."
"I think that's the last we'll see of those three."
"We hope."